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  • New Blog Post - Core Training

New Blog Post - Core Training

A quick google search for the definition of your ‘core’ as it relates to the human body, gives definitions such as, “…the core is commonly considered to be the torso” along with a few airbrushed images of individuals with glistening 12 packs. As we slowly approach beach season and the desire for aesthetically pleasing abs increases, this post will look at how we go about training the core at the Duckett Performance Center. 
See the full article here: https://edgeschool.com/education/training-the-core/
  • One common mistake sport coaches and athletes make after periods of extended rest is trying to make up for lost time in the first days back. The mindset is that the athletes are well rested, so they should be ready for heavy workloads and that they need to ‘get the rust off’ and get back into shape. This is kind of like trying to taking a drink from a fire hose and it is potentially a recipe for disaster.

Learn how to properly scale your training after a break at: https://edgeschool.com/uncategorized/how-to-scale-training-after-a-break/
  • Squat Depth pt 3 - Optimizing Performance

In this final installment of determining squat depth, the focus is on how to optimize depth for athletic performance. How deep should you be squatting to optimize performance in your sport? 
Find out here: https://edgeschool.com/athlete-development/squat-depth-part-3-optimizing-for-performance/
  • Spring/Summer training registration is now open! 
This program is open to athletes of all sports and ages. 
To learn more, or to register, click the link in bio
  • New Blog Post! - Benefits of Youth Strength Training

While your youth athlete is never going to grow muscles like Arnold, that does not mean all is lost by putting them into a physical development program. There are many ways in which physical development (strength and conditioning) sessions can help youth athletes develop strength, stability and speed, and lay a foundation for further improvement in the future. 
There are 3 main neuromuscular mechanisms that explain how these improvements occur.  Learn more here: https://edgeschool.com/athlete-development/benefits-of-youth-strength-conditioning/
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  • New Blog Post!

Squat Part 2 - Muscle Activation at Different Depths

For the second part of our squat depth series, we will look at how muscle activation changes during different squat methods. When trying to identify how muscle activation changes through different squat depths and relative loads, there are two methods commonly used to measure muscle contribution. 
Learn more at  https://edgeschool.com/education/determining-squat-depth-part-2/

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The Duckett Performance Centre (DPC) has earned an elite reputation as a premier training centre for high performance athletes. The DPC offers teams, groups and individuals alike, state-of-the-art equipment and professional services at a world-class level. The DPC plays host to aspiring athletes along with Olympic and Stanley Cup Champions.

The DPC has been designed with an acute attention to detail. The treadmills, Keiser functional trainers, medicine balls, free weights, high-end Mondo flooring and Olympic-quality straight track combined with the DPC staff’s meticulous training programs ensure that each athlete benefits to his or her maximum potential.

Key Performance Features

VO2 Max Testing

Wingate Analysis

Movement Assessment

Assessment of Performance Measures

Personalized Programming

Certified Strength Coaches

Keiser Suspension Units

Woodway Treadmills

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  • Training the Core

    A quick google search for the definition of your ‘core’ as it relates to the human body, gives definitions such as, “…the core is commonly...
  • How to Scale Training After a Break

    Training workload (TW) is always a tricky variable to figure out. Admittedly, most sports performance professionals struggle with that issue almost as...

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