Welcome to Edge School

Academics ■ Athletics ■ Character

Not able to balance athletics and academics?  Constantly struggling to do schoolwork in and around training and competition? Seeking skill training in basketball, hockey, soccer, golf, figure skating or dance during school hours and as part of the school program? Or perhaps, you are looking for a school community which values your passion for sport(s) and celebrates that passion in the classroom and in character-building opportunities.

We are a unique learning community, a place for children in Grades 4-12 to pursue academic excellence while striving to reach their full athletic potential. We accommodate the training requirements of a wide range of sports and disciplines, and offer high performance training in basketball, dance, figure skating, golf, hockey and soccer as well as providing busy student-athletes in sports such as luge, equestrian, skiing, swimming, tennis, rugby, gymnastics and core training, the opportunity to craft a flexible schedule which meets all their needs.

Balancing athletics and academics helps our students translate success from one area into another. Through that process, they gain confidence. We further their personal growth by incorporating character development into our educational experience.  Indeed, character-building is woven into our very fabric.

Edge School’s innovative commitment to this balanced three-sphere philosophy – academics, athletics and character development – ensures graduates are equipped to excel in all areas. We watch for, and intentionally take advantage of, every opportunity to develop our students’ life skills.  That may be as part of our Student Leadership Society, our Mountain teams or our everyday attention to the virtues of teamwork, compassion and humility – the hallmarks of great citizens and leaders.

We graduate young men and women fully prepared to take on the next stage in their lives – whether that stage be post-secondary studies, the work world or the sports world from the Western Hockey League, the Alberta Junior Hockey League to a professional dance troupe and all points in between.

Based outside of Calgary, Alberta, we take pride in the place Edge School has carved in the local community.

Our vision is to make the world better by graduating students who aspire to achieve their personal best.