The Edge flex academy is best suited to student-athletes who are highly motivated, passionate about their sport, and require a more flexible academic environment that can accommodate their training and competitive schedules. Flex students are part of a school community environment that challenges everyone to pursue personal excellence.

Our flex academic coordinators work with each student individually to achieve dynamic balance of his or her studies, training and competition time at home and on the road. Flex student-athletes include equestrian riders, swimmers, tennis players, gymnasts, skiers, volleyball players, lugers, etc. Many compete on the local, provincial, national and international stage. We help student-athletes when these events take them away from the academic setting for periods of time.

Program Details
  • Full-time Academic Coordinator aiding students to access academic resources to balance their demanding schedules
  • Sport performance training at the Duckett Performance Centre
  • Open tutorial time to manage their academic course work and receive academic support from Edge staff
  • Dr. Matt Brown, Sport Psychology Consultant provides mental performance support
  • Support from on-site health services staff including sport therapy and sport nutrition.
  • Post-secondary preparation