Edge School Senior High Golf Program

Edge Golf Academy is pleased to announce a new look to the golf development program for 2019-20. In addition to a number of renovations and improvements to the on-site, golf training room and simulator; starting in the fall, the golf program will provide unique development options for both the high performance, and the recreational golfer.

There will be a golf package available for the introductory, casual, recreational golfer, who is looking to improve their game with a focus on preparing to attend a Canadian post-secondary school.

There will also be a development package available for the high performance competitive golfer.

Introductory Golf Development Package:

Student-athletes who participate in Edge Golf’s Introductory Development Package will follow a number of stages in order to develop an understanding of and competence in the game of golf.

  • Introduction to the game of golf
  • Rules and etiquette
  • Basic swing mechanics
  • Repetition and practice
  • On course golfing and optional tournament play

Competitive Golf Package:

Student-athletes who choose to follow the Edge Golf Program’s Competitive Development path will be held to a number of identified criteria and benchmarks, including such items as:

  • A dynamic player performance profile
  • A provincial ranking (if already achieved)
  • A summer golf plan (including an ‘appropriate tournament schedule’)
  • An established tournament scoring average
  • Testing (if required)
  • A post-secondary academic and golf development plan

Each package will contain unique features and opportunities, and will allow for both the competitive golfer and the developing golfer to achieve personal excellence.

Through these two opportunities, the golf program hopes to become a youth golf development leader, both in producing talented student-athletes who will develop a passion for golf for life, as well as those golfers aspiring to perform at a high level. Regardless of the program, student-athletes will be asked to set their academic and athletic goals, in order to establish a development path for success and personal excellence.

Program Details

Senior High Program

(Grades: 10-12)

  • 5 classes per week (10 hours per week)
  • On course instruction
  • Full swing and short game coaching
  • Fitness and mental training
  • Students participating in physical education and CTS requirements

Junior High Program

(Grades: 4-9)

  • 3 golf classes per week (6 hours per week)
  • Adversity training/skill development
  • Fitness and mental training
  • Mini-competitions

Multi-Sport Academy


  • 11 week program
  • Primary focus: Golf Canada Long-Term Player Development Model
  • Golf Fundamentals


For inquiries regarding the golf program, please contact Anne McCaffrey,