Meet the Supporting Edge Staff Members

Ed Polhill – Principal

Ross McCain – Director of Athletic Performance

Matt Brown – Mental Trainer

Competitive Teams Program

Our competitive team program is designed to be a college prep training model for golfers looking to play university or collegiate level golf. This initiative is aimed at creating one of the most competitive golf programs in the nation with a focus on preparing student-athletes for scholarship opportunities in the future.

As our home base, players have access to our partner course at Mickelson National Golf Club, as well as many other local courses and facilities. Those on a competitive golf team will have access to southern warm weather training program during the winter months in Orlando, Florida starting in 2022. Players are expected to travel to play in several tournaments across North America as part of this program and are monitored for their progress, rankings and results. Due to current COVID restrictions, details on cross-border travel will come when available.

Golf Skill Academy

Our golf skill academy program is designed for players who want to build on the foundations of their game, and perhaps potentially work up to play on our competitive team program if they choose. Every facet of the game is covered in this program, and it is designed to help players develop swing mechanics, build confidence and develop a positive mental approach when playing the game. Instruction on course management, learning the rules and proper etiquette of the game is also covered.

Why Edge School Golf?

The Edge School Golf Academy is the only program of its kind in Alberta and Western Canada for up and coming golfers. Student-athletes in our golf program have the opportunity to receive a private school education, while having an opportunity to train for their sport on a daily basis within world-class facilities. We strive to help all of our golf student-athletes achieve personal excellence in academics, athletics and character.

A strategic development approach to the technical, physical, course management and mental elements of training enables our Golf Academy to produce skilled, motivated, athletic golfers who thrive in the competitive arena. Golfers have full access to our on-site golf simulator, high performance training centre led by Ross McCain and his team, renowned mental trainer, Dr. Matt Brown and youth sports therapy clinic. We are committed to long-term athletic development, and having all of these resources under one roof allows our student-athletes to progress properly, having everything they need to be successful.

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