In our quest to provide the optimal environment for our student-athletes at Edge, we continue to adapt our services to meet the demands associated with a rigorous academic and athletic schedule. Perhaps the most critical, yet often overlooked aspect of balancing those demands is nutrition. Nutrition plays a role in academic performance, athletic performance, and in every aspect of development. It’s important not only to provide our students with the right fuel, but to help them form good nutritional habits associated with athletic success, along with overall health and wellness.

Edge School ensures that all students are taught healthy nutrition principles and have access to foods that promote high-performance in all areas. Edge School is excited to have partnered with Chartwells to deliver outstanding food services, prepared in our fully-equipped kitchen and served in our spacious dining hall. The service is open much of the day with the menu offering breakfast, snacks and lunch.

Edge Meal Cards are available for purchase online, which provides convenience and simplicity for Edge student-athletes. Cards can also be purchased directly in the Edge School Cafeteria.

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