Edge offers a comprehensive hockey Skill Academy and Team Program for both boys and girls. In addition to core hockey skills, students in Edge Hockey receive training and support in all areas of Health Services including: sport therapy, nutrition, sport psychology and strength and conditioning training. Through our Mountaineer character-building program and our enriched academics, our athletes need not sacrifice school for sports or vice versa. Our Skill Academy and Team Program attract highly accomplished staff and coaches. Click on the "Edge Hockey Information" image below for more information

Starting for the 2020-21 season, CSSHL divisions will be re-branded. This will fall in line with Hockey Canada’s renaming of hockey across the country. For us here at Edge, our six teams will be named the following:

Female Team:

  • U18 Female Prep


Male Teams:

  • U18 Prep
  • U17 Prep
  • U16 Prep
  • U15 Prep
  • U15

Meet Our Coaching Staff

Hockey Alumni Examples

(Matt Dumba, Courtney Kollman, Jake Bean, Karly Heffernan, Jaret Anderson-Dolan, Brittney Fouracres)

For information regarding our hockey programs, please contact Chris Chisamore,