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PSAT and SAT Information


PSAT is the preliminary SAT and is designed for students to practice writing standardized tests. There is no need to study for the PSAT – find more information here. PSAT scores are used (by the student) to set up a study plan on Khan academy/SAT. This will further prepare students to write the SAT.


Students create a SAT account and sign up, pay, and choose a writing centre for this test on the SAT website. Studying for the SAT can be done through the Khan Academy/SAT website. SAT scores are forwarded to US Colleges Common Application and to the NCAA eligibility centre.

A typical timeline for SAT writing and US college admission is:

-Fall – Grade 11 – PSAT (offered by Edge)

-Spring Grade 11 – SAT (student registers, pays and studies)


-Fall/winter – Grade 12 – SAT (student registers, pays and studies)

The SAT can be written as many times as a student would like to write it. SAT records only the highest sub scores from each academic category.