CLIMB Awards

We are honoured to recognize the outstanding successes of Edge School alumni through the CLIMB Awards! As a celebration of Edge alumni as Community Leaders and Inspiring Mountaineer Builders, the Awards highlight their personal and professional achievements, and extraordinary service to both the school and the broader community.

Selection of the CLIMB Award recipients is grounded in the commitment that students make when they become members of the Edge School community to embody the Mountaineer Code; “I pledge to live the code, with pride, always.”

“I know the way, go the way and show the way.
I give all I’ve got, all the way, all the time.
I embrace adversity in a positive way.
I act in a respectful way, all the time.”


CLIMB Award recipients are exemplars of living the Mountaineer Code and the values of the school – Leadership, Effort, Attitude, Dignity.  The selection committee considers the extent to which the nominees demonstrate this through early career leadership, commitment, excellence, integrity and service through the following four, equally weighted, criteria.

1. The nominee demonstrates early professional achievement in career or athletic endeavors.
2. The nominee is an advocate of student-athlete education and, in particular, students at the Edge School.
3. The nominee demonstrates an ongoing connection with and contribution to the Edge School, its students and alumni.
4. The nominee has positively influenced the lives of others through contributions to his or her community.

Since the award was established in 2017, a select group of Edge's 700+ alumni have been recognized. We congratulate their successes and invite you to get to know them by watching the videos in the links below.

Thank you to everyone who nominated an Edge School Alumni for a CLIMB Award this year. After thoughtful deliberation and discussion, the selection committee has decided to table the CLIMB Awards to the 2023/2024 school year, in line with our 25th Anniversary.

The current structure is set up more to recognize individuals who are established in their careers. The committee is presently reviewing the awards’ structure to potentially include additional recognition opportunities for those student-athletes who have graduated more recently.

Further updates will be announced in the New Year. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like further information. Thank you.

Past Recipients

2020 CLIMB Awards

Rylee Fieldstone, Class of 2012
Arianne Jones, Class of 2008

2018 CLIMB Awards

Allie Bertram, Class of 2007
Dan Bertram, Class of 2004

2017 CLIMB Awards

Gillian Abbott, Class of 2008
Joe Colborne, Class of 2008
Dr. Chris Woo, Class of 2006