Our Manifesto

Ask many people what makes for a life well lived, and the answer will likely include some combination of an enduring passion for something; a commitment to physical health and mental wellness; work-life balance; strong relationships; caring for others; and a visceral sense of right and wrong.

However, cultivating and nurturing that kind of well-roundedness in young people is easier said than done. There are schools that specialize in athletic excellence and others that focus on academic greatness. Some even profess to instill higher values in their students.

But finding a school that offers all three of these spheres while not diminishing any one of them? That can be a tall order. All too often, students, and their parents, are forced to choose between them.

Fortunately, it’s a choice that Edge School families never have to make. We are certainly acknowledged for fully developing our students’ athletic potential, but don’t be fooled by the hype and the trophies. The real reason we get up every morning is to leverage our students’ passion for sport into an equally compelling passion for learning, leading and personal integrity. Our balanced approach to developing the pursuit of personal excellence in academics, athletics, and character is how we create well-rounded individuals who are uncommonly equipped to succeed in all aspects of their lives.

To ensure that this happens, we have cultivated a truly one-of-a-kind school. One where teachers, coaches and support staff are highly accomplished in, and fully dedicated to, their chosen fields. However, they are even more devoted to the holistic development of each student. Our small class sizes, access to best-in-class facilities, and unique collegiate feel provide the atmosphere and individual attention so vital to unlocking the full potential of every Edge student—no matter what path they choose to take in life.

We wholeheartedly believe that our student-athletes should strive for their ‘personal best’ every day, in all aspects of their lives.  As students, athletes and community members now, and as partners, parents, business leaders, sports figures, and global citizens in the future. As a result, Edge graduates are primed to lead vital, fulfilling lives. They are ready to make the world a better place by being the best humans they can be.

Edge School. Where a passion for sport drives a passion for learning and leading.


Our Philosophy

Our vision is to make the world better by graduating students who aspire to achieve their personal best.

Our mission is to build a culture of personal excellence in academics, athletics and character.

Edge School was created to facilitate the holistic development of Academics, Athletics, and Character in a way that does not sacrifice one for the other.  Our student-athletes are engaged in their learning in an environment where they feel safe to push themselves to new levels of personal excellence, supervised by staff that are genuinely interested in their well being. We graduate young people who can launch out and make a real difference in their world.

The School’s leaders, teachers and coaches are united in their vision for students. Faculty, staff and coaches all work from the same plan and model the behaviour to incorporate character development in the student’s day whether during Town Hall school meetings, athletic programming, DPC activities, academic programming, cafeteria conduct, hallways and more.

If you are looking for a school that will enable you to follow your dreams and develop to your fullest potential, look no further than Edge.