Skill Academy

LA Kings Forward and Edge Alumnus Jaret Anderson-Dolan talks about the impact that Edge School and the hockey program had on his career

Our Hockey Skill Academy is an exciting skill development program open to both boys and girls from Grades 4 through 12. On average, students are on the ice three times a week developing their hockey skills. Under the guidance of full-time, certified, professional coaches, they work on skating techniques, puck control, shooting, offensive & defensive play, Hockey IQ and creativity. (Goaltender instruction is also provided).

Skill Academy Philosophy

Regardless of a player’s current skill level, our Hockey Skill Academy is committed to the development of each student-athlete’s confidence, individual playing skills, and overall athletic development. We have seen tremendous growth within our Skill Academy students as they work through our extensive Hockey Curriculum.

Our Hockey Skill Academy now includes the following format:

Day One On-Ice Power Skating & Puck Skills (Year Long Progression)
Day Two On-Ice Monthly Themes (including “Boot Camp”, Defensive Tactics, Offensive Skills, Transitions, etc.)
Day Three On-Ice Small Area Games (tied to both year-long and monthly themes)
Other Activities Throughout the year a number of other, add-on activities will also be organized, which may include:

- On & Off-Ice Testing
- Special Guest Instructors
- Guest Speakers
- Off-Ice Skill Work
- Multi-Sport Opportunities
- Video Review
- Assignments

Learn more about our Junior Skill Academy

The Skill Academy will consist of:

- 3 on-ice training sessions per week (approx. 6hrs/week)

Note: during April, May, and June there will be 2 on-ice training sessions per week. During this time more Multi-Sport and Off-Ice Training will be added.

- 2 Dry-land hockey-specific Strength and Conditioning sessions at the Duckett Performance Centre per week

Note: Junior and Senior High Skill Academy student athletes will additionally have access to skate and train with our Edge Hockey teams. Both on-ice and off-ice, in season and post season, weekly opportunities will be provided  to integrate into our Bantam and Midget Teams. 

In-house Health Services include:

- Sport counselling with renowned mental training coach Dr. Matt Brown

- Sport therapy and physiotherapy services

- Nutrition counselling and in-house nutritional options- to reinforce the nutritional principles taught in high performance training

*at an additional cost

Edge is committed to the purposeful integration of excellence in academics, athletics and character-building. At the end of each term, students are evaluated for their on-ice skills, effort and practice habits. They are assessed using appropriate skills standard and testing programs and scouted for participation in Edges' hockey team program.