Financial Aid Program

We want to make the Edge experience available to all who qualify, regardless of financial situation. To do that, we currently offer a financial assistance program for our tuition fees based on a family’s need. While we would be thrilled to accept all applications, there is a limited amount of funding and accordingly not all requests can be awarded. Families must apply and qualify every year.

1. What is financial aid?

Financial aid provides assistance with tuition fees based solely on a family’s financial need.  Funds are provided from donations as well as fundraising events run by the Edge School Foundation. A request for financial aid does not have any impact on admissions decisions.

2. Who can apply for financial aid?

Anyone can apply for financial aid. Priority is given to Edge families currently receiving financial aid.

3. How do we apply for financial aid?

Families complete and submit an application through our third party vendor. Application details can be requested from our Admissions Department.

4. How is financial aid determined?

The Financial Aid Committee receives recommendations from our third party vendors after review of your application and supporting documentation. The financial aid committee makes the final decision in the amount of financial aid awarded.

5. How much can we expect to receive?

For families who qualify, amounts received are between $2,000 and $11,000.

6. Is the amount of Financial Aid renewable each year ?

A new application must be submitted each year. The amount received previously is not guaranteed the following year. Families are considered for financial aid if current school year fees are up to date.