Curious to see what parents of our enrolled students and alumni are saying about our school? We are very proud to receive feedback like this from our Edge community.

The Edge School builds the idea that every single day you're working on how to become a better person and when things come up in life that are unexpected, you can handle those situations.

Chris Woo (class of 2006)

Edge is a fantastic school. We are so thankful to have ended up here. We've never been happier. The faculty and coaching staff are incredible.

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At Edge, I was able to not only do all the academics I wanted, but I was also part of leadership, I was able to do some extracurricular stuff and still be at the dance studio rehearsing competition pieces in the afternoon.

Gillian Abbott (class of 2008)

Our son's year at Edge has been amazing in all aspects, and we want to personally thank all of the Edge family for their support. As I have said before but need to say again,  be proud of what Edge has to offer student athletes. We will truly miss this!

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Edge was paramount in helping me get to the next level, getting me to my secondary education and to achieving my dreams.

Chris Colborne (class of 2008)

I feel compelled to pass along that I am exceedingly impressed with your preparation and engagement with your students through all types of circumstances. I am struck by the delivery mechanisms you have outlined below, how you have set expectations and your availability to support your classes.

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If it wasn’t for Edge, I would have had a tough time getting to Washington State, a Division 1 NCAA school. I didn’t know how that worked. Conversations with Dr. Matt Brown (Edge School Mental Trainer) and Randy Robb about applying to NCAA schools really helped me. This is probably one of the biggest benefits of Edge, the strong experience the school has with U.S. colleges. There is no limit to how good you can get here.

Sang Lee (class of 2010)

We chose Edge School for our daughter, first for the academics – the sport was a bonus. The small class sizes and commitment to excellence shown from the teaching staff and administration made it easy to know we made a good choice. The support she has received has allowed her to flourish. Achieving strong grades, and developing leadership and life skills that will set her up for future success. The sport programming and the mix of team and individual school-wide programming has further nurtured Taylor in an exceptional environment.

Bonnie Ketter

When I tell people about my high school … we were so lucky. We were a family. We all knew everybody on such a personal level, like a team.

Nicole McNaughton (class of 2006)

Thank you for your commitment to your students and helping them make the most of such a unique and difficult experience. We feel truly blessed to know the Edge experience is differentiated from the norm and that our kids are being supported so effectively.

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The way that Edge teaches balance between sports and academics really helped me. In addition to enabling me to pursue my interest in dance and track and field, at Edge I learned about dedication – to not give up when you fail or face challenges. It’s inspiring to be around people with this mindset, and I continue to surround myself with these types of people.

Kassidy MacPhail (class of 2013)

Edge has proven to be superior both academically and in sports. We have won the educational and sports lottery. Engaging, inspiring, kind and strong are words I would use to describe how I feel about the leadership of Edge instructors during this time. At the same time, they are mentoring and developing all of these same traits in my daughter.

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Edge was the perfect school for a young student-athlete like me. It really helped prepare me to succeed.

Scott Milnthorp (class of 2010)

Thank you for all the updates and communications, we appreciate all of the information and the Edge team spirit and family.

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I think about the fun we had. We got a great education and also were able to follow our dreams and passions. Looking back, I think 'what an opportunity we had.'

Dan Bertram (class of 2004)

Thank you for all of the excellent and timely communications. You are truly exceptional at keeping us informed. We appreciate all of the hard work that administration is putting in.

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Ballet can be very critical – an ‘only the strong survive’ environment. Edge really helps you get up to the standard of what your job is going to be as a professional. It helps when you grow up in a really good environment. Also, balancing school and dance can be a significant challenge for dancers. You need to miss a lot of school for auditions (many of which are in the U.S.) Edge teachers understand this and are able to support you as a dancer.

Danielle Tucker (class of 2015)

Given the difficult time we are all faced with and having to adjust to this new normal, we believe Edge is doing a great job in preparing our kids for the next year. In speaking with other non-Edge families we feel that the attention and support our kids are getting from Edge is unequaled and feel our kids continue to benefit from attending Edge. Great job Edge – we are very proud to be a part of this school.

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Edge was the best place for me to develop as a hockey player and as a person. On the education side, they have great teachers and small class sizes which was a big factor for me.

Jaret Anderson-Dolan, Edge Alumnus

I believe that given the circumstances, I have been exceptionally happy to see how content is delivered. The teachers are so exceptionally prepared and this is a relief given that it is my daughter's Grade 12 year and she wants a solid understanding of all the classes to prepare for university. She is also carrying four classes this semester with online social studies and I worried about how this was all going to work initially. I have been very pleased to listen to the online classes and instruction. I am also encouraged by the helpful teachers and their commitment.

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We are feeling very lucky to have such proactive teachers and administrators looking out for our children. We continue to appreciate the differentiated Edge School experience.

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