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In our model, sport is a vehicle for academic excellence and character development. Each Program is staffed with specialized, sport-specific directors, instructors and coaches, bringing local, national and international experience to our programs. Coaches highlight fair play, teamwork and integrity in all aspects of training and competition.

The Long Term Development Model emphasises fun and variety for early elementary aged children. Students in Kindergarten to grade-3 will have multiple activity times strategically placed throughout their school day. Their physical activity programming will include: developing fundamental movement and sports skills; working on social interactions through teamwork and game play; and focusing on developing healthy habits for lifelong participation in activity.

In grades 4 through 12, we offer skill training academies in dance, figure skating, golf, hockey, and soccer. For students training in any other sports, such as swimming, alpine skiing, tennis, luge, equestrian, and gymnastics, our Flex Program offers a flexible schedule which allows them to pursue their athletic goals while ensuring academic success. Out Multi-Sport Academy allows students to train in more than one sport over the course of a year.

In addition, students participate in regular physical education classes and have the opportunity to play other sports as part of our Calgary ISAA interscholastic teams including volleyball, badminton, and track and field.

Our in-house athlete health services are part of all Programs and include:

■ Sport Psychology and Counselling
■ Nutrition Counselling
■ High performance training

Athletic School Programs