Endowment Fund

Established in 2020, the Edge School Foundation Endowment Fund is a legacy that will provide income to the school for years to come. The fund creates a sustainable way for us to fund our financial aid program and ensure maintenance of our facilities in the future. With this support, we will be able to continue to provide exceptional learning and training experiences for future generations of Edge student-athletes.

Endowment funds are like savings accounts. Donations go into them and they stay in, invested permanently. Only the income earned is used to fund long-term needs. Donors can endow a gift of cash, a gift of stock, or by making a special provision in their will.

The fund was founded by Edge alumni parent, Tim Harvie, shortly after the school’s 20-year anniversary. His initial contribution set up the fund and now provides an avenue for others in the Edge community to contribute to the long-term financial health of the school.

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Our goal is to grow the endowment to $1 million by 2025, which will allow us to begin to disburse income from the endowment by 2030.

With the endowment, we can both ensure ongoing maintenance of our facilities, and provide financial assistance to students who may not otherwise be able to attend the school. Tuition covers the operating expenses of a great education, but gives very little to the long-term capital costs of maintaining our campus. The Endowment Fund creates a legacy for Edge by ensuring the principal is maintained in perpetuity, while a portion of the interest earned is returned to the school as a consistent stream of income for years to come.

Beginning in the 2021-22 school year, each Edge School family will contribute 4% of total tuition paid (net amount after any financial assistance) for the eldest child, and 2% of total tuition paid for each additional child to the Edge School Foundation Endowment Fund. Annual family contributions to the endowment are paid through family SchoolAdmin accounts.

We are incredibly appreciative of all endowment contributions! Donations help to ensure we can continue to provide excellence in education and athletic development for Edge student-athletes into the future.


How do I claim tax credits for my contribution to the endowment?

Each January, donors receive a tax receipt for the total contributed in the previous calendar year. When you complete your taxes, you can submit your tax receipt for provincial and federal tax credits. A federal credit of 15% can be claimed for donations of $200 or less, while every dollar after $200 is eligible for a federal credit of 29%. In addition, contributions to the Edge Endowment are also eligible for as much as a 21% provincial tax credit. Tax credits vary by donation amount. Click here for more information.

How are the endowment funds protected for long term needs?

The Edge School Foundation established a Trust to direct the management and distribution of endowment interest donated to the school. The Trust protects the capital and dictates the future use of the income derived from the fund (for financial aid for Edge students, capital improvements to the school, and other identified priority educational or athletic initiatives). The Foundation invests the donations in the Endowment investment portfolio, under the guidance of investment management firm Dixon Mitchell.

Who decides how returns on endowments are spent and allocated?

The Edge School Foundation Board Endowment Advisory Committee manages the endowment in accordance with its Investment Policy. The Advisory Committee provides oversight and makes recommendations to the Foundation Board on all matters related to the Endowment Fund and distribution of the endowment assets. The Foundation Board is responsible for presenting annual reports to the Edge School Society Board, and make them accessible to the Edge community of donors.

For more information:

The Executive Director of the Edge School Foundation can provide more information about endowment fund contributions. If you would like more information about creating a lasting gift to Edge School in your will or by gifts of cash/securities, please contact Dana Silver directly at 403-246-6432 ext 105.