Professional Strength & Conditioning for Athletes

The Duckett Performance Centre (DPC) is earning a global reputation as a premier training centre for high performance athletes, offering teams, groups and individuals alike, state-of-the-art equipment and professional services at a world-class level. The DPC plays host to aspiring athletes along with professional athletes from all sports and is a special place to work out.

The DPC has been designed to truly accommodate the athlete in his or her pursuit of excellence. There is an attention to detail in the DPC that will be appreciated by all who venture within! The treadmills, Keiser functional trainers, medicine balls, free weights, high-end Mondo flooring and Olympic-quality straight track combined with the DPC staff’s meticulous training programs to ensure that each athlete benefits to their maximum potential.

The DPC also offers the latest in Sport Science and Human Performance Measurement, including High-Speed Motion Analysis, Posture Analysis, Max VO2, Wingate, Gait Analysis, and Sport Specific Performance Measures of Dynamic Power and Flexibility.

Whether you are an Edge student, an individual or part of a team or group, come in and get ready to experience high-end training. You are encouraged to contact us, get all your questions answered and when you are ready, select the program that works best for you, your schedule and your goals! Ross and his experienced staff are available to guide you to the next stage in your development as an athlete.

DPC for Edge Students

Edge students receive strength and conditioning as part of the Edge experience. The DPC is home to our Edge students during class, structured training or team training time.

Edge athletes can also take advantage of additional training at the DPC. Trainers provide a variety of program options and custom packages based on the student-athletes’ needs. For more information and rates, please explore the registration information below.