Through the Eyes of a Teacher: Dana Ellis

Dana Ellis began teaching at Edge in the 2003-04 school year. Fifteen years later, she is awed by the accomplishments of the students she has taught over the years.

“My problem is that I still think of them as being students. In my mind they are still 14,” she says. “I know students who are now doctors, teachers, professional athletes – and just great people. It is a testament to the school to see them so mature and successful.”

Dana explains that over the years, Edge students have always demonstrated a passion for sport and a competitive drive – in their sport and in the classroom. “They have always been friendly and contributed to the family feel of the school through their openness and willingness to get to know all the teachers,” she says. “As teachers, we’re the aunts and uncles of everyone in the building.”

Like a family member, she has been a guest at the weddings of some of the early Edge students and has stayed in touch with many others.

The bond that formed at Edge was clearly strong, and teachers and staff have helped form that bond through their commitment to the school’s mission and values.

“We have a close knit group of teachers,” Dana says. “We’ve always believed in the school and there is an expectation that we take care of each other. It’s funny, parents often seem shocked that we are actually friends.”

Although the school has grown and evolved over the years, Dana believes Edge has stayed true to its original mission and vision. “In 2003-04 we had about 100 students and a dream to one day be in our own facility. Knowing the original dream and seeing what we have now, there is still the same feeling of community, family, and passion for sport.”