Suhail Panjwani

Science, Mathematics

Suhail is an avid mover. He plays basketball, runs, and dances. Suhail is intellectually curious and loves talking about philosophy, social issues, and personal development.

Some other interesting facts about Suhail:

Athletic – can hold a 50 second handstand. Placed 3rd in Ontario in High School basketball.

Community – started an after-school hip hop program for youth in Ft. McMurray. His dance crew opened for Hedley. Currently involved with masculinity and men’s work in Calgary.

Academic – received a scholarship for student leadership at Queen’s University.

Secondary Schooling: 

  • Honours B.Sc. (Biology), Queen’s University
  • B.Ed., Queen’s University
  • M.Ed. (Interdisciplinary) University of Calgary
  • Currently completing his fourth degree right now – doctorate in Education.


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