Pamela Hunnisett

English Teacher

Pamela – known as “Hunni” – is beginning her 24th year of teaching and is known for being a passionate, lifelong learner who loves to read, write, theatre, gardening, biking, and traveling the world.  She approaches teaching with positivity and determination to help all students succeed to the best of their ability, beginning with a learning space that is both inspiring and a refuge where students find achievement, academic engagement, and a place to belong as a community of learners, a family. Her classroom is a place where each student is seen, supported, and celebrated.

As an English teacher, she specializes in reading, blogging, academic and creative writing, Alberta diploma exams, Advanced Placement, theatre, inclusion, and diversity education – she knows the pressures students face with the rigour and demand that the Senior English curriculum and examinations expect, and she knows how to motivate and support student engagement and success. She also has a theatre degree and has taught theatre throughout her career too – which she infuses into the English classroom. With her theatre background (as a director and a designer), she knows what it takes to achieve acclaimed excellence in performances, but also the challenges students face in balancing such excellence in both their classes and their artistic goals. She knows how to support students’ needs.

Ms. Hunni has taught in Ontario, Connecticut, Argentina, and Calgary. She loves to learn and is always researching, studying something of interest, or planning a trip. She has also been an international presenter of blogging with students at the National Council Teachers of English (NCTE) conferences in Boston and Costa Rica.

At home, she enjoys reading, writing, and her time in the garden with her husband, her two teens, and her dog.

Her motivation in life is to love, to learn, and to laugh.

Secondary Schooling:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and English from the University of Ottawa
  • Bachelor of Education from Nipissing University
  • Certificate in Career and Academic Advising from the University of Calgary
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