Mina Khan-Lee

Language Arts, Social Studies and Spanish

Mina Khan-Lee is a kind and compassionate teacher. She has 17 years of teaching experience with most of the time teaching gifted students in Spanish, Physical Education and Yoga and Mindfulness, as well as teaching adults at the University of Calgary and Columbia College. She is passionate about mindfulness and the area of Social Emotional Learning and how contemplative practices can be used for well-being and success. Mina loves traveling and has backpacked extensively, and has attended University programs in both Mexico and Spain. She loves experiencing different cultures and strives to spark global curiosity in her students by bringing cultural elements into her classes.

Mina loves exploring in nature. In her free time, you can find her hiking, skiing, snowshoeing or mountain biking with her two children.

Secondary Schooling:

University of Calgary – Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and a minor in English literature

El Tecnológico de Monterrey – Guadalajara – Spanish Language and Culture Program

University of Calgary – Bachelor of Education

University of Calgary – Master of Arts in Spanish

Centro de Lenguas Modernas – Andalucia – Medieval Mozarabic Poetry Program

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