Matt Brown

Sport Psychology

Dr. Matt Brown is a Mental Trainer and Counsellor at Edge School. When he’s not at Edge, he’s working with the Calgary Flames, their AHL Affiliate (Calgary Wranglers), the Calgary Hitmen, the Calgary Stampeders and numerous other elite and professional performers.  Matt, or ‘Brownie’ as most of the kids know him, has worked in the psychology of performance and mental health since the mid-90’s. With a Master’s degree in Sport Psychology and a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology that specialized in athletes, he has a deep understanding of the thoughts, emotions, and behaviours of the athlete.

Over the years, his client roster has included Olympians, professional hockey and football players, coaches, surgeons, musicians, business executives, and dancers.  In all cases, they are guided in the process of optimizing health and potential both as performers and as people.  Matt spent three years at the University of Pittsburgh, applying performance principles to the field of surgery, reshaping their surgical training program.  In addition, Matt has published two hockey novels and a football novel that share his ideas and philosophy through story.

Secondary Schooling:

  •  B.A. Psychology (University of Calgary)
  •  M.A. Sport Psychology (University of Alberta)
  •  Ph.D Counselling Psychology
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