Kim Slopak-Weeks

Lead Figure Skating Coach

Skating Accomplishments: 

– Former National Team Member and International Competitor

– Sr. Competitive Dance

– Competitive Skating Skills Class 1

– Diamond Dance Equivalency

– Gold Free Dance

– 7th Figure Test

– Jr. Silver Free Skate

Coaching Accomplishments, Accreditation and Education:

-31 Years of coaching experience

-Coached medalists at Skate Canada National Championships

-Coached skaters at international cross border events and Junior Grand Prix Event

-Certified National Coach in good standing with Skate Canada

-Partial NCCP Level 4

-Calalta Competitive Ice Dance Program Manager Pre-Novice to Senior Teams

-Skating Coaching Certificate from Seneca College

-Coaching Area of interest: Competitive Dance Teams, Ice Dance, Skills, Stroking, Interpretive Choreography and teaching strong basic skating skills

Coaching has combined my passion for teaching and figure skating. I love being part of the Edge Team.

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