Eddie Richardson lll

Director, Basketball

Eddie has been with Edge since 2018. He stresses the fundamental values of hard work, dedication, team mentality and commitment to excellence. As a player, Eddie works to improve his game any chance he can. He understands the difference between being a mediocre and impact player and what it takes to get there.  He has played with and against players at the national level, as well as professionals in the NBA and European leagues.

With the help of his coaches and teammates, he was honored as a 4-time ACAC all-star, ACAC Basketball Player of the year, 3-time CCAA All Canadian, CCAA National Basketball Player of the Year, CCAA Athlete of the Year and many other awards throughout his collegiate career.  He declined numerous offers to play professional basketball in Europe and Asia, for career aspirations in Calgary, while focusing on his dream of helping younger players reach their basketball goals and maximize their potential.

After graduating, Eddie was an assistant coach with the SAIT Trojans for a year before co-founding Genesis Basketball in 2006 – one of the city’s most elite basketball programs. In addition to coaching and running Genesis, Eddie has found the time to run clinics at the grassroots level at various Calgary junior and senior high schools. Eddie has personally helped develop, train, and mentor players that have gone on to be CIS and CCAA All Stars, All-Canadians, Academic All- Canadians , Players of the Year, NCAA athletes, and European Semi-pro Players.

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