Dana Ellis

English Language Arts, Social Studies

Secondary Schooling:

  • Bachelor of Arts (psychology) from University of Calgary
  • Bachelor of Education from University of Calgary
  • Diploma in Business Administration (marketing) from SAIT

Career experiences she is most proud of:

As an English teacher I play a big role in helping children learn to read. Every year I am thrilled to see students that never before enjoyed reading become readers. It is my biggest achievement every year.

Why did she choose this career?

I knew when I started kindergarten that I wanted to be a teacher! There was never another choice for me. When the opportunity to work at Edge came about in 2003 it was the perfect fit for me. I am able to use my background in dance and theatre, and my love of teaching everyday.

Favourite Sport:

My favorite sport to watch is baseball. I love the strategy of the game and the atmosphere of the ball park.

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