2019 Spring Skill Academy - Atom (Ages 9 & 10)

April 8 - May 31 (8 weeks)

Monday & Wednesday:
DPC: 5:15 - 6:15pm
Ice: 6:30 - 7:30 pm

To provide focused age-specific, athletic development for youth hockey players

On-ice Curriculum
Skating, Stick Handling, Passing, and Shooting make up our CORE FOUR principles, which we believe should be the foundational habits for any hockey player.

Novice, Atom, and Peewee are included in the CORE FOUR Curriculum. The CORE FOUR curriculum continues each players’ growth by practicing fundamentals, while also applying them to in-game situations. Edge Programs’ primary focus is to make the rink a fun place to be. In saying this, we believe that competition and growth is aligned with having fun at the rink.

Players will identify as either a Forward, Defensemen, or both through the Edge Spring Skill Academy; thus, allowing the coaches to give detailed attention to the development of each kid in their path. This means that each ice session will give focus to each kids CORE FOUR skills, incorporating 2-3 of the secondary hockey elements.

Core Four
1) Skating - Acceleration, Speed, Agility
2) Stick Handling - Mechanics, Stick Positioning & Situational Response
3) Passing - Mechanics, Sending/Receiving & Positioning
4) Shooting - Release, Footwork, Wrist Shot/Backhand Mechanics


(Option 1)

 5) Offensive Tendencies

6) Creating Offense

7) Defensive Reads

8) Small Area Tactics


(Option 2)

 5) Defense Tendencies

6) Body Position

7) Offensive Reads

8) Small Area Tactics

Importance of Off-Ice Fundamentals
A message from Director of Player Performance, Ross McCain:

The pre-peak height velocity (pre-PHV) years are a vital time for youth athlete development. During these years, youth athletes lay the foundation for their long-term athletic success. During PHV, when athletes are progressing through puberty, they go through a developmental stage sometimes referred to as learned awkwardness. This term refers to a time when movement proficiency appears to worsen.

Think of the pre-PHV years as an insurance plan for this movement skill regression. While self-guided development through play is a valuable tool for youth athlete development, guided movement skill progressions, teaching fundamental movement skills, have been shown to improve the general athleticism of youth athletes and help safe guard against ‘learned awkwardness’.

Atom Mountaineers (Ages 9 & 10)
- Make sure the rink is a fun place to be!
- Develop motor skills by adding speed and pressure
- Improve strength, speed, and coordination
- Educate on-ice awareness through decision making processes

Price: $1,159

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