Outdoor Leadership

In partnership with the Company of Adventurers, Edge Programs is launching a brand new summer camp opportunity for children between the ages of 6-14.

Participants can look forward to an exciting week of outdoor games, skills, and interpretation, with added day trip activities to help create lifelong memories in new environments, while developing new friendships. We will be outside every day, all day,  weather permitting. With biking, hiking, and climbing day trips, each age group is in for an adventurous, fun, and educational journey. With new outdoor skills being taught every day in exciting and kinesthetic ways, participants will actively participate while they learn in the outdoors!

Mini Mountaineers Outdoor Pursuits (Ages 6-8)

Junior Mountaineers Outdoor Pursuits (Ages 9-12)

Advanced Leadership Outdoor Pursuits (Ages 13-14)

Please see the registration window below for full details.

Company of Adventurers is committed to creating outdoor adventure and environmental education programs that are safe, rewarding, and have a lasting impact on those who participate. Click here to learn more about their organization.