Designed for athletes 9-12 years of age.

All training will be done onsite at the DPC and Edge School.


Schedule will launch February 1, 2018. 

Be sure to check back then!


The training program is 2 days/week and incorporates strength, stability, speed/agility, balance/coordination and energy systems training. The Young Guns will be trained in small groups (4-8 students) and spend 60-90 minutes working on expanding their athletic potential each time they are with their coach.


Strength and conditioning for prepubescent athletes has shown to have profound effects on strength, coordination, confidence and bone mineral density development. Due to the sensitivity of the young nervous system, this is the ideal time to beginning training movement patterns and neuromuscular development through exposure to a wide variety to movements and shapes. This approach helps expand the bandwidth of the athlete’s physical vocabulary and diversifies their motor potential.

For inquiries regarding the Young Guns Program, please contact: