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Squat Part 2 - Muscle Activation at Different Depths

For the second part of our squat depth series, we will look at how muscle activation changes during different squat methods. When trying to identify how muscle activation changes through different squat depths and relative loads, there are two methods commonly used to measure muscle contribution. 
Learn more at  https://edgeschool.com/education/determining-squat-depth-part-2/
  • New Blog Post! - Does Strength Training Decrease Flexibility? 
There is a long held belief that lifting weights decreases one’s flexibility. Couple this belief with the thought that decreased flexibility is a negative adaptation for physical performance, and the hesitation to employ strength training as a means of athletic improvement comes as no surprise. While the strength training/flexibility paradox has stood for many decades, is there any evidence to back up this claim? 
To find out more, check out the link below. 
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Do you have a youth athlete looking to improve their speed, strength, coordination, conditioning and confidence? The Duckett Centre's Winter Training Program is designed to enhance the physical and mental game of youth athletes (grades 4-12). To learn more, or to register, visit the link below.

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Squats Part 1 - Determining Depth

The many variations of the squat commonly make up a major component of training programs, regardless of the athlete you are working with. A commonly recurring question related to the squat is, how deep is deep enough? This question will be looked at from a couple of different perspectives over a couple blog posts. This first rendition will focus on major cues as it relates to injury prevention through the squat. Regardless of the athlete’s sport, training goals or training age, the following are the major aspects I will gravitate towards when cuing squat technique, commonly following a ‘bottom-up’ approach.

Learn the four most important cues here: https://edgeschool.com/education/determining-squat-depth-part-1/
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  • New Blog Post: Does Strength Training Stunt Growth? 
One of the most common topics I get asked about is the notion that weight training stunts growth. This theory follows the logic that stressing the bones of prepubescent and/or adolescent athletes will cause a premature closure of the growth plates; and thus, inhibit the full potential of a given bone’s growth. 
So, what's the deal? 
Find out more here: https://edgeschool.com/education/does-strength-training-stunt-growth/

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The Duckett Performance Centre (DPC) has earned an elite reputation as a premier training centre for high performance athletes. The DPC offers teams, groups and individuals alike, state-of-the-art equipment and professional services at a world-class level. The DPC plays host to aspiring athletes along with Olympic and Stanley Cup Champions.

The DPC has been designed with an acute attention to detail. The treadmills, Keiser functional trainers, medicine balls, free weights, high-end Mondo flooring and Olympic-quality straight track combined with the DPC staff’s meticulous training programs ensure that each athlete benefits to his or her maximum potential.

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  • Determining Squat Depth – Part 2

    For this second part of looking at how to determine the ideal depth for squatting, we will look at how muscle activation changes during different squat...
  • Determining Squat Depth – Part 1

    The many variations of the squat commonly make up a major component of training programs, regardless of the athlete you are working with. A commonly recurring...

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