Edge School Move Mountains Day 2018


Move Mountains Day 2018 was all about coming together as a community to support Edge School. We set an ambitious goal to raise $100,000 through individual donations and matching contributions. We are excited to announce that together, we did it!  On behalf of the Edge School Society Board, Foundation Board, and Parent Council, thank you to Edge students, alumni, families, supporters and staff!

Our Move Mountains Day total for 2018 came in at $101,039.85 - funds that directly support Student Awards and our new Youth Sports Science and Performance Initiative. Team results are as follows:

  • Kilimanjaro: $14,845.70 (46 donations)
  • Everest: $12,636.15 (61 donations)
  • Makalu: $12,500.00 (32 donations)
  • Logan: $11,058.00 (47 donations)


A special thank you to our matching donors, Tim Harvie and his family, the Kyle Stuart Memorial Foundation, the Bean Family, and the Unruh family. In recognition of the outstanding support from our community, each donor has provided the full $12,500 matching donation for their Mountain Team!


What Edge School does has impact - impact on the lives of our students and families and in our communities. We are an important cause and a charity of choice for those who believe in our mission. That's no small thing, and each donation helps us Move Mountains.

The support of generous donors who believe in the mission of Edge School has helped us build a special place for student-athlete development and the education of young leaders.

Move Mountains Day 2018 is your opportunity to show your support. Our first Move Mountains Day in 2017 raised over $90,0000 and this year our goal is to top $100,000! All funds raised this year will directly support student awards and help us launch an exciting new youth sports science and performance initiative.

How Move Mountains Day works – a friendly Mountain Team Competition

Edge Mountain Teams are an important part of our School culture. Each year, Team Everest, Team Kilimanjaro, Team Logan, and Team Makalu compete for the annual Mountain Cup prize – a true badge of honour. Move Mountains Day is an important Mountain Cup event and each Mountain Team will earn Mountain Cup points for the amount of dollars, donations, and awareness they raise.

Every dollar is matched! To encourage support from everyone in the Edge community, four generous donors have offered to match every donation up to $12,500 per Mountain Team – that’s $12,500 each for Team Everest, Team Kilimanjaro, Team Logan, and Team Makalu! Mountain Cup points are awarded based on the total dollar amount raised per Team. (Note: donations to the general Move Mountains Fund will be divided equally among the four Mountain Teams).

Every donation counts! Mountain Cup points are also awarded for the number of donations per Mountain Team. Donate now to the Mountain Team you support. Every gift counts!

It’s good to share! Edge School has a great story to tell, and Move Mountains Day is a fun way to share our story and build the profile of our School. Share your Edge School story and ask family and friends to donate to Move Mountains Day using #MoveMountainsDay and one of #Everest, #Kilimanjaro, #Logan, #Makalu.

Thanks for your support!