We provide a multitude of resources to help our student-athletes decide their future. Dr. Matt Brown works with students to help guide them towards appropriate options after leaving Edge School. He directs them to the numerous resources for post-secondary studies in Canada, the U.S., and abroad, including scholarship opportunities and more. Below are some links and recent news related to post-secondary options.

Important Documents:

Grade 9

In the spring of their grade 9 year, students meet as a group with the school counsellor who provides an introduction to the courses available in high school and the benefits of those choices.  The different post-secondary options are outlined, as are the selection criteria used by institutions in Canada and the U.S..  This presentation is delivered in conjunction with Grade 10 course selections.

Grade 10

At Edge, Career and Life Management 20 (CALM 20 – a graduation requirement) is delivered in Grade 10.  Part of its curriculum is an exploration of different post-secondary and career paths.

Grade 10 students have the option of writing the Preliminary Student Admission Test (PSAT: see http://www.collegeboard.com/student/testing/psat/about.html ) in October, a precursor to the SAT.  The test gives students a familiarity with the format and substance of the SAT, and its results provide recruiters with an indication of how the student would likely score.

Grade 11

All Grade 11 students are required to write the PSAT in October.  Students are also encouraged to write the SAT once in the spring of their Grade 11 year (see www.collegeboard.org  for test dates and deadlines).  To prepare, Edge students have free access to the SAT Online Course (see collegeboard.com/html/satonlinecourse/demo/index.html for a tour).  This resource can be accessed wherever the internet is available and provides tutelage and practice in all of the different SAT sections and with all question formats.  While some schools offer classroom instruction in SAT preparation, experience has taught us that this individualized resource best meets the busy schedules of our student-athletes.

Upon request, Grade 11 students can meet individually with the school counsellor to discuss post-secondary and career options.  Some students make preliminary contact with collegiate coaches in their respective sports via email, attaching an Edge Student-Athlete Profile (template available upon request) as an introduction.

Grade 12

The grade 12s meet with the counsellor early in the year to ensure they are postured well for both graduation and for any post-secondary options to which they may aspire.

Students are also encouraged to write the SAT again in Grade 12 - there tends to be a significant practice effect, so a second writing often yields higher scores.   See www.collegeboard.org for test dates and deadlines.  Again, to prepare, students are encouraged to utilize the online SAT Prep Course to which they have free access.

Alberta Scholarship Program Updates & Scholarship Deadlines

For the most up-to-date information on Alberta scholarships and awards including application forms and upcoming deadlines visit: studentaid.alberta.ca/scholarships/ 


1st, Alberta Centennial Scholarship

1st, Dr. Robert and Anna Shaw Scholarship

1st, Dr. Robert Norman Shaw Scholarship

1st, Janet and Horace Allen Scholarship

1st, Premier’s Citizenship Award

1st, Queen’s Golden Jubilee Citizenship Medal

1st, Tiessen Foundation Broadcast Scholarship

1st, Theodore R. Campbell Scholarship

15th, Helen and George Kilik Scholarship

30th, Alberta Pre-Apprentice Scholarships

30th, Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Scholarship

30th, Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) Scholarship


1st, Anna and John Kolesar Memorial Scholarship

1st, David Johnston Law Scholarship

1st, Marla Sava Polish Heritage Awards & Scholarships

It is recommended that each student meet with the counsellor in their Grade 12 year to solidify their post-secondary plans.  The student, counsellor, collegiate coach (if applicable), and post-secondary admissions office are typically all engaged in a dialogue to make sure all requirements are in order, but each student is encouraged to take the lead role in this process.

Student-athletes planning to compete in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) must submit transcripts to the NCAA Eligibility Center (Clearinghouse) for evaluation (see www.eligibilitycenter.org).  This is a screening mechanism independent from the admissions office for each institution.  Only admissions can determine acceptance; the NCAA Clearinghouse simply determines who will be eligible to compete athletically.

Scholarship Links

Horatio Alger Canadian Scholarship – www.horatioalger.ca/en/scholarships

The Loran Scholars Foundation – www.loranscholar.ca/apply

Schulich Leaders Scholarship –  www.schulichleader.com

Alberta Citizenship Awards –  www.alis.alberta.ca/scholarships

Alexander Rutherford Scholarship –  www.alis.alberta.ca/scholarships

W. Garfield Weston Awards – www.garfieldwestonawards.ca

Mindfuel STEM Awards –  www.mindfuel.ca/scholarships

Nelson Civic Leadership Scholarship – www.nelson.com/scholarship

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More Info:

Student Aid Alberta – www.studentaid.alberta.ca/scholarships/

Canadian Interuniversity Sport – www.cis-sic.ca

Education USA (Undergraduate options for International students)

NCAA Eligibility Center – www.eligibilitycenter.org

  • NCAA Initial Eligibility Brochure (PDF)
  • Eligibility Quick Reference Sheet (PDF)
  • Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete (PDF)

Please contact Dr. Matt Brown with any questions regarding the post-secondary planning process for Edge students: