Academic Awards

Recognizing Excellence

We believe that positive recognition is a powerful tool for building character, encouraging a quest for excellence, and improving self-esteem and self-confidence. The recognition program provides opportunities for students to receive corrective feedback that can assist them in appropriate goal setting. It encourages students to monitor one another’s actions and helps to instill a sense of community and accountability with one’s peers. In addition to the recognition for academic excellence and character, we also celebrate success in Athletics with annual Athletic Awards.


ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE WITH DISTINCTION Any student who has an overall average of 90% or greater in core academic courses (English, math, science, social, and Spanish) and no grade less than 85% in any course, including complimentary and option courses.
HONOUR ROLL 85% overall average and no mark less than 75% in any one course (Minimum of 2 courses during a semester of which one must be English, math, science, social, or Spanish.) Phys Ed and Sport Performance will only be calculated on the June report card.
MOUNTAINEER AWARD Awarded to any student who has earned outstanding (O) LEAD commendation for effort in all courses including dance/sport performance. A maximum of one V (very good) allowed.
PRINCIPAL’S LIST Any student who has earned both Honour Roll and the Mountaineer Award.
LEAD AWARD The student who consistently follows the LEAD model in an exemplary way (one per grade).
I know the way, go the way and show the way.
I give all I’ve got, all the way, all the time.
I embrace adversity in a positive way.
I act in a respectful way, at all times.