University Credit

University of Calgary

This opportunity allows current Edge students, who excel in science disciplines, to take university-level courses for credit while earning credit toward their high school diploma.

How to apply:

To be considered for the Young Scientist Program, you must be recommended by Mrs. Fridd and have the pre-requisites for the university course you wish to take. Students should have marks of 90% or above and must demonstrate the maturity required to be a successful university student. Once approved at the school level, you and Mrs. Fridd will contact the department you wish to study in. Once approved by the university, they will send you the application information.

  • Students must be prepared to give a strong case as to why they should be allowed to take a course.
  • Students need a minimum of 90% to take a U of C course.
  • At this time, Math, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, Geoscience, and Biology are available. Plans are in the works to add U of C Kinesiology programs and SAIT programs
  • Courses are transferrable to other universities
  • Student is responsible for paying course fee
  • Courses run all year: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter
  • Courses and labs are face-to-face

Course Listings:

Biological Sciences;


Physics and Astronomy:


Mathematics and Statistics: